Training split

How to decide which training split to use.

Some people say you need to train every day for optimal muscle growth. Others say you only need to train three times a week and take more rest. Another group of people might say you need to train every other day different body parts. As you might know, it can be frustrating choosing which training split to implement. Today we are going to discuss this topic and give you the best training split possible to our opinion.

Training frequency

Your training frequency per body part should be more than once a week. Science shows, that if you hit each body part once a week, you are missing out on potential muscle growth. Try to aim to hit every muscle group about two times per week. This can be a three-day or four-day split.

Muscle soreness

The soreness of the muscles can also affect your training split. For example, if you train chest on Monday and you are currently doing a three-day split then you need to train chest again on Thursday. However, if you are still sore from the Monday workout, you are better off doing another workout split.

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