Is breakfast really important?

There is a saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, is this really true? Today we are discussing the importance of having breakfast and what you should and shouldn't eat for it.

Children's performance

We often tell children to eat breakfast so they could perform better at school. Studies show this is true, children who consume breakfast perform better cognitively at school, than children who skip breakfast.


Eating breakfast is important if you're trying to grow, getting in your meals is important to grow. The optimal number of meals to consume each day is five meals. When you skip breakfast, you not only grow optimally but, your hunger hormones will also be through the roof, resulting in hunger cravings and binge eating.

What to avoid

When you are having breakfast, avoid foods that are bad for your health, foods like donuts, muffins, or cereals contain a high amount of sugar and/or saturated fat. This has a negative impact on your cholesterol levels and thus your health.

What you should eat

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables for breakfast. This is not only healthy, but it also contains fewer calories and less sugar and fats. You can, for example, combine spinach with some eggs and an apple on the side for a good breakfast.

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