How to keep off the weight?

Keeping off the weight

The most frustrating thing is when you finally lost that 20 pounds and you gain it all back within the same year. But don't worry, here are some simple tips that you can do each day to keep off that weight.

Sleeping more

When you are sleeping you can't be eating. It sounds that simple, but it really is. When you have less time to eat during the day, you will consume fewer meals. Moreover, if you don't sleep enough, you gonna have more hunger hormones and thus eat more food.

Drinking more water

Drinking more water or low-calorie drinks will help you lose weight. Drinking low-calorie or no-calorie liquids will fill up the stomach and thus make you less hungry during the day. Also, most beverages are served cold. Your body needs to heat up the liquid, which will burn more calories

Eating more often

Eating more often will help you suppress hunger. If you eat fewer times a day, your hunger hormone will increase dramatically and the changes of binge eating will be substantially higher.

Eating less fat

Eating less fat is very beneficial in losing weight. Fat contains nine calories per gram, as compared to 4 calories in carbohydrates and protein. Instead, try to replace some of the fat with more protein-rich food.

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